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Event Dome FAQs

What is the shipping timeline?

Custom Domes Upon deposit, your dome will go into production. From that point, it will take 6-8 weeks to receive your dome product. Standard In-Stock Domes Depending on product availability and destination, you could receive your dome in as little as 2 weeks. Please...

How are DGI domes an eco-friendly answer?

The geodesic shelter has been called the most efficient structural design ever conceived, possessing approximately one-third less surface area than a rectilinear structure of similar size. The curved interior of the dome encourages natural air circulation which helps...

What are the best decor, lighting & sound options?

DGI provides the structure which you can personalize to accommodate your own aesthetic appeal. It will be your responsibility to coordinate with a subcontractors for personal additions, such as flooring, lofts, interior furnishings and decor, electrical systems,...

What are fire certification standards of my dome?

All of our dome covers are constructed with high-quality architectural fabric, pre-processed to be flame-retardant in accordance with California State Fire Marshal standards. DomeGuys International chose the California fire certification process because they lead the...

How should I go about permitting my dome?

In regards to building permits and codes for geodesic domes, every state, city and county have their own. It will be your responsibility to contact your local building department and see how they interpret your dome and how the codes apply. The domes are generally...

What extra tools are helpful when building my dome?

The following tools are helpful to have, but are not required in order to build your dome:   Bag for hardware (shipment does not include bag for bolts) Hammer Wood saw Hack saw (in case a nut or bolt strips) Cat paw Utility knife (useful but keep away from dome...

What basic hand tools will I need to install my dome?

Installing your dome requires a few basic hand tools. If DGI is hired to build your dome for you, they will bring the required tools for the installation. If you are building it yourself or hiring your own crew to install a dome, DGI can guide you in obtaining the...

What lift equipment will I need to install my dome?

Choosing the lift method that is appropriate, most safe and most effective is crucial. There are a variety of equipment options for each size dome installation. What you will need to evaluate is location (accessibility), permissions (some event locations don't allow...

What are my build surface options for ECO LIVING domes?

Aside from our Supa-TracTM flooring, your dome build surface can also range from an elevated wooden deck, a solid concrete foundation, or an earthen floor. As part of your pre-planning you will need to determine what build surface is perfect for your dome. DGI is able...

What types of anchoring are available?

There are a variety of methods to anchor your dome, depending on the build surface you will be anchoring to, what the weather requirements are and the type of dome use. Methods of anchoring include: Anchor Plates Anchor Stakes Auger Anchors Concrete Blocks Concrete...

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