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MEGA Domes

120′ ft. Nike Mega Dome

DomeGuys can build a dome as big as your budget allows. Our biggest domes are the 88- and 120-foot, clear-span, geodesic wonders. As events and the desire to impress grows, so do our domes and clientele. With so much interior space the potential grows as interior structures and mezzanines may be installed, which is ideal for VIP access and superior lighting and sound presentation.


Live to Dance – Paula Abdul’s New Dance Show in a DGI Dome

Paula Abdul made her big comeback with Live to Dance, a new dance TV show filmed in a DomeGuys 90′ geodesic mega dome. Paula was joined in the judges panel by Travis Payne, famous choreographer, and Kimberly Wyatt, former member of Pussycat Dolls. Andrew Gunsberg, from Australian Idol, hosted the $500,000 talent competition, searching for America’s next top dance act, modeled after Britain’s Got to Dance.

Reveille Productions and Paula chose DomeGuys International to manufacture and construct 90′ and 30′ dance domes in both New York and Los Angeles for the bi-coastal filming locations. The DomeGuys team worked around the clock to meet the tight deadline so┬áthat dancers from all walks of life could show the world their moves.

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