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DomeGuys International manufactures the highest quality dome covers and features hand-selected, top-quality architectural fabric. We have maintained quality and consistency for over our 10 years in business. Our covers are manufactured exclusively at one of the world’s largest textile manufacturing companies located in the Netherlands.

Our architectural fabric cover options are The Airtex Lightweight Event cover, the PVC Heavy Duty line of covers and Clear Vinyl.  In addition, we manufacture covers with custom fabrics to suit your request.

All of our covers are manufactured using a high-frequency weld, which is proven to offer the highest level of quality, craftsmanship, and durability.

Architectural Fabric Options:

1) Airtex Lightweight Event—This architectural fabric cover is a thinner but very durable lightweight cover. It is a translucent material and is ONLY available in white. It has a 3-5 year continuous outdoor rating. We typically use this material for our Event Rental domes or  multi-city events.

2) PVC Heavy Duty Long Life—This heavy duty cover comes in a variety of colors and is available from 3 different fabric manufacturers. The PVC has a glossier finish than the Airtex fabric. This cover is a thick and very durable cover and is rated for 10-15 years of continuous outdoor life.

The PVC dome covers are available in a translucent material that allows light to penetrate the fabric showing through the dome’s cover.

They are also available in OPAQUE, which blocks all light from penetrating the dome cover.

3) Clear Vinyl—We manufacture this cover from the same material that we use for our large bay-view windows and small windows. The clear vinyl is a high quality “Marine Rated” fabric. We also manufacture FULL dome covers from this material.

The clear vinyl cover has a minimal life expectancy based on weather and climate changes. However, the life will shorten when exposed to extreme high and low weather shifts over time. The clear cover will not stand up to below freezing weather.

We also offer a semi-clear cover that has a ripstop nylon cord interwoven in the vinyl for additional durability. Hence, these covers are ideal for greenhouses, outbuildings, storage, etc.

Architectural Fabric Examples:

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