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Event Dome FAQs

Welcome to Burning Man 2018 | Domeguys International

Since 2013, Domeguys has been present on the playa in a noticeable way… Generating geodesic dome solutions for Burners, their camps and their art. Our unique, affordable and purpose-built domes provide an engaging gathering space, and shelter from the elements (and...

How can I heat or cool my EVENT dome?

DomeGuys International does NOT rent, sell or provide any portable dome heating or A/C units. If you plan to use heat or A/C for your event, please make sure to let DomeGuys know so that we can help you with the detailed information on the dome product you have chosen...

What are the build team options?

DGI offers a full installation service as well as partial crew/site manager service to assist you in assembling your dome. Proper installation depends on a number of factors: your timeline, your budget, and your capacity to resource a qualified crew for installation...

Is it possible to connect multiple domes?

Connecting multiple domes (of same or contrasting sizes) is aesthetically appealing as well as practical. Domes can also be connected to an adjacent rectilinear structure. This includes extra fabrication costs (frame and coverlet) and varies per application. DomeGuys...

What types of dome covers are available?

We offer three types of event dome covers: Long-life Dome Cover, Standard Event Dome Cover and Greenhouse Dome Cover. All covers are constructed with high-quality architectural fabric and pre-processed to be flame retardant in accordance with California State Fire...

What are my dome cover printing options?

What are my dome cover printing options? DomeGuys International offers high-quality, high-resolution printing for event dome covers. Our event fabric has a slightly glossy and a slightly matte finished side. It can be printed on either side (but not both). Some...

What type of DGI financing is available?

Financing options are available for dome purchases. Currently, to qualifying clients we can offer two plans: Deposit down payment and the remaining balance will be spread out over 12 equal interest-free payments. 24-month term: 50% down plus 10% amortized interest on...

How do I maintain my dome cover and frame?

The maintenance of your geodesic dome will depend on the location and climate, plus frequency and type of usage. We do not expect you to be subjected to any of these issues, but regular checkups are recommended and can help avoid any larger problems. Beyond general...

Does the cover tear easily? Can I repair it?

DGI geodesic dome covers have high tensile strength and will not tear easily. If, on the rare occasion, something does happen, a patch applied with HH-66 vinyl cement glue works well. Tear-Aid® patches are best for geodesic event dome cover repair. If extra fabric is...

What modes of shipping are available?

Shipping costs for dome kits can vary quite a bit based on the size of the order, shipping destination and method of transport. We utilize all methods of transportation; ocean, air, train or truck. We work with a global network of freight forwarders who specialize in...

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