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Supa-TracTM Flooring
Supa-Trac portable infrastructure is uniquely durable. Also lightweight, it’s the ideal dome flooring solution for your event. As a result, customers use flooring in domes, tents or anywhere that heavy foot traffic and equipment travels. Furthermore, it can support the weight of forklifts with pneumatic tires, light trucks, and vehicular traffic. Just as important, panels allow light, air, and water to reach the turf, making this eco-conscious product perfect for protecting grass from being trampled by pedestrians or vehicles. In addition, it is suitable for use on natural or synthetic turf—indoors or out. Supa-Trac flooring is the most widely recognized temporary coverage solution for pedestrian traffic to car parking, military shelters, and helipads.

If you have an optional request for a flooring style please inquire.

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