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What are the best decor, lighting & sound options?

DGI provides the structure which you can personalize to accommodate your own aesthetic appeal. It will be your responsibility to coordinate with a subcontractors for personal additions, such as flooring, lofts, interior furnishings and decor, electrical systems, plumbing, lighting, and other enhancements.

Lighting and other features may be suspended from specific locations on the dome frame as long as the total and individual weight doesn’t exceed the weight bearing capacity of your dome. This depends on the frame capacity only and whether you have a standard or heavy duty frame upgrade.

Standard Frame Hanging Weight/ 2,500 @ 500 pounds from each of the 5 top hubs

Heavy Duty Frame Hanging Weight/ 5,000 @ 1,000 pounds from each of the 5 top hubs

If the weight is distributed away from the top 5 hubs, then it changes the dome’s weight-bearing capacity. Specific weight-bearing ability is determined by the total accumulation and distribution of the load throughout the frame. Site- and weight-specific load-bearing engineering is available through DGI.

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