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Create luxurious, pop-up eco-tourism destinations.

DomeKit glamping domes provide an unforgettable camping experience and can accommodate any number of guests as there are several DomeKit sizes available. You can add skylights or have all clear covers to enjoy the outdoors from within your glamp dome. DomeKit geodesic domes have been utilized to create small communities in remote locations and withstand some of the most severe weather. Contact DomeGuys for information on models, cost and delivery.

Available in 16’, 16’ Tall, 20’ and 24’ Diameter sizes.

Whether you prefer to glamp in the San Juan Islands, bird watch in the Redwoods, or watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean, DomeKits offer a perfect view of nature from the comforts of a Dome. Below is an example floor plan of our 16′ Tall Dome, which can be fitted with a standard door entry. Additional pictures of one of our 16′ Domes, nestled in the woods. 

Aside from their natural beauty, domes also have many structural advantages.

Geodesic shelters have been built around the world in various climates and are proven to be the strongest and most efficient human shelter conceived.

Unlike a traditional home, domes get proportionally stronger as their size increases. This strength makes them able to bear heavy loads in snow.

They are able to withstand hurricanes, tornadoes, and other storms with far greater success than a box-shaped home.

Enjoy a dream home or personal studio, for a fraction of the time and investment of traditional construction.

Windows, skylights, and doors strategically positioned will connect with the environment and scenery.

DomeGuys long-life covers come in a variety of colors, are mold and mildew resistant, UV protected, and fire retardant.

Unlike a traditional home, domes get proportionally stronger as their size increases. This strength makes them able to bear heavy loads in snow.

We often dream of going on holiday without leaving the comforts of home, of being in nature but still sleeping in a comfortable bed, and showing up to a wildly beautiful destination without having to set-up or breakdown a tent.

Our eco-living domes are easily assembled and reduce construction costs by being built much faster.

They are uniquely affordable—allowing you to live mortgage-free.

The base model features make the DomeKit versatile for many situations.

  • Structural Grade Frame with White Powder Coat
  • All Connection Hardware
  • Standard Anchor Plates
  • Full White Heavy-Duty FR Dome Cover
  • Limited Cover Colors Options Available Free of Charge
  • Clear Vinyl Bayview Window
  • 2 x Passive Roof Vents
  • Standard zip-in/zip-out Hex door with center “T-zip” entry
  • Cam strap base connections with concealment flap
  • Outer edge rain run-off flap

DomeKit options allow you to customize a Dome for maximum comfort in any setting.

  • Heavy Duty Frame Upgrade
  • Bayview Window Privacy Curtain with Curtain Rod
  • Additional Hex-Style “T” Zip Doors
  • Prehung Door Conversion Kit
  • Norpac R2 Insulation Liner
  • Side Roll-Up Vents
  • Extra Passive Roof Vents
  • Stove Pipe Jack Sleeve
  • Fireplace Heat Shield
  • Additional Window Options – Round or Angular
  • Solar Exhaust Fan

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