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Projection Domes

Video Projection Mapping

Video projection mapping within the geodesic framework allows different graphic configurations on the individual, triangular facets of the dome frame. These images can be laced within a larger composition and stretched over the entirety of the interior surface using several projectors that are carefully mapped to create the geodesic “puzzle” and are able to deliver choice projections, a live feed, as well as branding.

Check out the video below for visuals.

projection domes

Standard Lighting Projection

Use lighting in, on, and around the dome to immediately alter the atmosphere and mood of a venue. Translucent covers allow for the lighting to be seen on the interior and the exterior. Opaque projection domes block out the daylight and allow for internal projections around the clock. You can also combine this with conventional projection on flat projection screens which allows an interactive media display.

projection domes

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