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What lift equipment will I need to install my dome?

Choosing the lift method that is appropriate, most safe and most effective is crucial. There are a variety of equipment options for each size dome installation. What you will need to evaluate is location (accessibility), permissions (some event locations don’t allow heavy machinery), and cost. Some options allow you to construct your dome faster, but cost more. Some are a better option because they allow you to install your frame AND cover (the bigger the dome, the heavier the cover).

dome installation

Domes 44′ and smaller are able to be built with the use of hand-crank hoists and/or ladders, although heavy machinery can be ideal in certain situations. 60′ domes require the use of a scissor, boom or basket lift and heavy-duty 60′ domes and larger require a crane rental. All required equipment is available worldwide. All domes require the use of hand tools and/or impact drivers.

Manual Hoists

dome installation

Basket Lift

dome installation

Scissor Lift

dome installation

Variable Reach / Extending Book Fork Lift

dome installation


dome installation

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