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How do I maintain my dome cover and frame?

The maintenance of your geodesic dome will depend on the location and climate, plus frequency and type of usage. We do not expect you to be subjected to any of these issues, but regular checkups are recommended and can help avoid any larger problems.

Beyond general upkeep, here are a few tips on keeping your dome clean and well-maintained:

Checking any high-use areas, such as around doors, and check window zipper seams for wear and tear. Investigate any openings in your dome skin, including the base of the dome, where venting, fans and heating materials are located to ensure they are still properly sealed there are no tears and no dirt or debris has collected. Wash any debris off regularly that my have landed on your dome skin and regularly check for any unusual wear and tear or other obvious changes or damage.

Occasionally check your frame/nut-and-bolt intersections (aka frame “hub”) for tightness of bolts. After any extreme weather situations check all frame intersections for cracking.

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