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Once the vision for your dome is represented by final design images, a contract is generated and a 50% required deposit is received, we begin production of your customized dome.

Our standard delivery time is 4-6 weeks. (Expedited deliveries can be accommodated with a rush charge)

Shipping costs vary based on the size of the order, shipping destination and method of transport (air, ocean, truck, etc). DomeGuys International will be happy to handle the delivery door-to-door if that is your preference, or DGI can ship to the nearest port and you can handle customs clearance and delivery to the final destination. Many countries offer their citizens tariff rebates, so oftentimes this arrangement is highly beneficial to you.


DomeGuys International offers full service installation and breakdown services of our domes. As part of your price quote, DGI is happy to include our cost to build and breakdown your dome. A DomeGuys dome is quick to set up and quicker to remove from your site. Compared to other options, it has a very low impact on the immediate environment.

Event Domes/
DomeGuys International understands the extreme deadlines and factors that are inherent with every event. DomeGuys International meets the needs of every client, every time. We can send a full crew for a set up and tear down, or send a build lead to guide your own assembly crew.

We prefer to send at least one build lead to supervise construction of event rentals, but this is not a requirement. In general, a DGI build crew assembles domes in half the time of an inexperienced crew. Whatever your event timeline, event needs, and event budget calls for, we will make it happen.

Eco Domes/
DomeGuys International understands that in the home dome sector there are a lot of people with a DIY attitude, and many of our clients enjoy the experience of building the dome themselves. It helps if you are moderately experienced in construction, but each kit comes with a build map that is relatively simple to read. We can also provide a partial or full DomeGuys crew to get your project off the ground.

Please Contact DGI if you require for more information regarding shipping and installation.

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