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Oregon Green Expo 2011

Medford, oregon – June 2011
The Oregon Green Expo was held in Medford, Oregon to showcase Oregon’s premier green products and companies, as well as bring together like-minded people in the Rogue Valley. This event is aimed to further educate and gear people toward sustainability.

Our full-print “Earth Dome” was used for the Explore Nature Center which included educational opportunities throgh Biomass One – Renewable Energy and Klamath Outdoor Science School. There were activities offered that encourage kids and families to get outdoors. Children also had the opportunity to experience wildlife in the dome, which was presented by Wildlife Images, Rehabilitation Education. It was a “well-rounded” educational opportunities program geared toward education and connecting with our environment.

Type Special Event

The Oregon Green Expo Home Page

Biomass One – Renewable Energy

Klamath Outdoor School

Wildlife Images, Rehabilitation Education

Grange Co-op

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