Optional Features

Life Requires Versatility

Dome options vary because their applications are so diverse. The options we provide are intended to accommodate weather, geographic locations, and terms of usage. The design experience is often one of the largest aspects of obtaining your dome because we want to accommodate your vision and have it endure all variables, leaving you happy for years to come. Whether you intend to live sustainably on a plot of remote land, boost reservations at your resort, or seek to provide emergency relief shelter, domes answer this call.

Sustainable Eco Dome Options

Long-life Cover Upgrade
This upgrade option boosts the thickness and longevity of your dome cover, which can last up to 15 years. If you intend to erect your dome and leave it up, this is the option for you.






Standard Event Cover
Remaining with the standard event cover is a good choice for temporary usage, such as disaster relief domes that are erected for 3 years or less. Event covers are also more light-weight for transport.






Heavy-duty Frame Upgrade
Increasing the width and wall thickness of the steel tubing nearly doubles the load capacity of the frame and is recommended in cases of severe wind, earthquakes, or high frame loads.





Colors to Choose From
We offer the highest quality PVC fabrics available on the market creating a very large broad selection of colors to choose from in our PVC line. This can increase or decrease visibility, depending on usage: blend into the natural environment or become an easy-to-find landmark or just provide you with the color of your liking.






High Resolution Printing
Full dome high-resolution printing ensures big-impression branding and high-impact messaging. Printing is assured to dramatically enhance the presentation. Our design team can take a concept and work up the images or you can use your own high-resolution imagery. All images will need to be adjusted to accommodate the round surface.


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