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There are few mediums more powerful than music; music evokes emotions, empowers change, defines generations and brings us to life. Embody the spirit of music by accenting your event in a DomeGuys geodesic dome. Unlike a conventional, square box or an open hillside, the unique acoustic properties of domes unlock musical perfection for the audience no matter where they’re seated. This is the dome experience.

The same magnitude of impact occurs no matter its usage. Make your concert, conference, VIP lounge, workshop, or event venue a hit with sensational visuals, lighting, and acoustics. As for sight, capture your guest’s attention and enhance their experience by projecting vibrant video images, lasers, and lights onto our seamless projection screen that creates a fully immersive 360-degree multimedia entertainment extravaganza.

Geodesic dome principles incorporate modern architectural engineering that is alluring, inside and out. They are low-impact on the surrounding area, can be well-ventilated and designed to include or limit natural light. Provide the most comfortable space with which to embrace participants. Domes are a captivating promotional tool. When you choose a DomeGuys event dome our inspired designers and project planners will custom create the perfect dome. It will have exactly the look and feel you want in transparent, translucent, or opaque covers or, if you choose, printed in vibrant colors or graphic designs.

DomeGuys domes range in size from 200 to 11,000 square feet, but we don’t stop there. No matter the size and scale, DomeGuys domes provide you with as many exciting and unique dome structures as your festival or event requires. Dome Guys structures are built with human traffic in mind. We engineer each and every design to ensure safety and comfort when it’s installed at your location.

Our event domes are ideal almost anywhere with minimal impact on the environment. They’re in use from the Alps to the tropics, New York to Dubai. These lightweight portable shelters can be assembled without heavy machinery or even electricity. They’re waterproof, UV-protected, and uniquely sturdy. One of the strongest structural designs, DomeGuys geodesic domes can withstand the fiercest weather from strong winds to heavy snow. They’re eco-friendly and energy efficient, deflecting outside weather while circulating air within. DomeGuys domes are created using eco-conscious manufacturing. Your guests will appreciate being comfortable and secure, while safeguarding our fragile environment.

DomeGuys provides its own team of trained, skilled labor to install and remove the domes, ensuring the perfect set-up every time. Our domes are easily assembled in a few hours, and removed even quicker.

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