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ClearSpan™ Building Structures

Authorized Retailer and Local Installer

We are Southern Oregon’s local connection for ClearSpan™ building sales and installations. ClearSpan™ is known for the highest-quality building structures, USA-made, and adaptable to any number of industry needs. Perfect for events, greenhouses, material handling, agriculture, equestrian, athletics, recreational, storage, and many other uses. 

Building profiles can be up to 300’ wide and any length. With no internal support posts, the profiles provide a truly clear span building. ClearSpan™ building structures also provide plenty of clearance and enable machinery and equipment to be operated within the building’s threshold. For added clearance, buildings can also be constructed on containers.

Ag & Equipment Storage / Convention Centers / Gymnasiums / Commercial Greenhouses / Livestock Barns / Emergency Shelters



All ClearSpan™ frames are uniquely designed for added structural integrity and durability.

ClearSpan™ Truss Arch Frame have long been a popular building component, because they take advantage of triangles’ fundamental strength. This design allows the Truss to distribute weight and stress across the entire truss for superior stability, while using minimal materials, saving the user money without sacrificing strength. 

ClearSpan™ I-Beam frames use the highest-quality steel to ensure the utmost structural integrity. The I-Beam frame, purlins, and secondary framing are all constructed from grade 55 steel, ensuring maximum strength. The I-Beam frame is exceptionally durable, while still being an affordable building solution. 

Round Style

25′-83′ + Custom Sizes

Gable Style

25′-85′ + Custom Sizes

Metal Style

35′-75′ + Custom Sizing

Commodity Style

38′-58′ Sizes

I-Beam Style

30′-90′ Sizes


Single Cord Steel Frame 

 Need to keep machinery, vehicles or raw materials out of the sun, wind, rain or snow? ClearSpan™ Freestanding Buildings are ideal as a boat cover, hay, grain, sand and salt storage, truck and car garages and much more.

These wide open fabric buildings are perfect for drive through applications, or finish off one or both ends with their end framing kits and panels. Great for temporary warehousing, manufacturing facilities, truck and trailer maintenance bays and more.

ClearSpan™ Freestanding Building

Available sizes:
11’H – 17’3″H
20’W – 42’W
24’L – 96′ L

Ideal for boat, hay, grain, sand and salt storage, livestock production, truck and tractor garage and much more.

ClearSpan™ SolarGuard Building

Available sizes:
8’H – 14’H
8’W – 14’W
12’L – 36′ L

Keep your equipment and vehicles safe from the elements.

Econoline Storage Buildings

Available sizes:
12’H – 15’H
20’W – 30’W
20’L – 100′ L

ClearSpan™ Econoline Storage Buildings are the economical solution to any storage need.

ClearSpan™ Hoop Buildings

Available sizes:
12’H – 15’H
26’W – 38’W
40’L – 100′ L

These hoop buildings are ideal for composting, drying firewood, and for storing grain, hay, gravel and salt.


Welded Truss Arch Frame 

ClearSpan™ Truss Frame is constructed with USA-made, triple-galvanized structural steel. Round steel tubing is cut at precise angles to reinforce the steel’s strength and prevent additional stress to the covering. The frame is corrosion resistant, so it is ideal for even the harshest environments. Truss Frames are backed by an industry-leading 50 year warranty, so customers can rest assured their structure will provide decades of use.



The ClearSpan™ Round HD Building is an ultra adaptable structure that provides all of the benefits that accompany fabric structures. The round frame creates a space that can be used for any application, and customers can choose the structure to be free standing or built on pony walls. As with every other ClearSpan™ building, these can be tailored to meet any customer’s needs or requirements.

The Round HD Building is covered by ClearSpan’s famed rip-stop fabric. The cover allows natural light to filter through, creating a space that is well lit, but soft on the eyes. The unique fabric cover is also climate sensitive and allows the building to be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


The Gable HD Building is a sturdy structure that accommodates easy access for any need. Its roomy interior allows customers to operate within the space freely. No matter the application, the Gable HD’s optional open design provides an outdoor feel with a durable structure to shelter people or materials from inclement weather. Like other ClearSpan™ buildings, the absence of internal support columns ensures that each building provides the maximum amount of usable space.

This building comes with ClearSpan’s top-quality rip-stop fabric. The fabric is climate sensitive, meaning they are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The fabric cover allows natural light to shine through, which promotes an ambient interior environment, while also diminishing electrical costs of daytime lighting.


A custom building ensures that even the most specific building requirements and accessories can be accommodated.

Whether it’s a special building color, custom doors, flame-retardant fabric, strategically placed fans and lighting, custom conveyor systems or anything else, no detail is too small for  a custom ClearSpan™ building. 



I-Beam Frame 

ClearSpan™ structures feature the very best in structural design, and the I-Beam frame is no different. The reliable design makes it one of the strongest and most dependable building frames available, and it allows ClearSpan to build structures at any size. ClearSpan™ I-Beam buildings can be completely customized and are manufactured in-house, so customers don’t have to deal with multiple vendors to complete their project.  



ClearSpan’s I-Beam frames use the highest-quality steel to ensure the utmost structural integrity. The I-Beam frame, purlins, and secondary framing are all constructed from grade 55 steel, and the beams are available in red, grey and galvanized steel. The I-Beam frame’s steel ensures maximum strength, and because of this, little maintenance is required once the building is erected.  

The I-Beam frame is exceptionally durable, while still being an affordable building solution. The frame utilizes pre-engineered steel parts that allow for faster construction times, minimizing installation costs, while still ensuring a dependable structure. The shape of I-Beams does not use excessive steel, making them an economic building component. Not only does the I-Beam frame provide unmatched structural integrity at an affordable price, but the innovative design allows ClearSpan™ customers to build to any size.


A Building Foundation for Every Need 

ClearSpan™ structures are built for the most versatile building foundation options. From money-saving foundations that enable us to build just about anywhere to more traditional options, below are some of the most common foundation options. 

These structures are built to use ClearSpan’s innovative Helical Anchoring System. This is less expensive than traditional foundations, and for many projects, Helical Anchors are a far superior option.  However, we also offer a number of other foundation options to meet the need of any business or individual. 

  • Poured concrete
  • Blocks
  • Pony walls
  • Containers
  • Piers
  • Concrete pads
  • …and more

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