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How can I heat my new dome?

Once the dome is adequately fabricated for your weather zone, you can maintain internal temperatures using traditional methods, such as a radiant heat concrete slab, propane monitor heater, electric/gas heat pump, or wood stove.

Air Conditioning
A Natural Light Solar Attic Fan, swamp cooler, or standard A/C unit will cool the dome during hot weather. DomeGuys is an official dealer of the Natural Light Solar Attic Fan, which is included in the Home Dome Kit.

Natural Light Solar Attic Fan

DGI does not vend any heating or A/C units but will make sure that your dome is built to accommodate the installation of any chosen unit by allowing appropriate intake and venting areas in the cover of your dome. With the proper heating or cooling equipment, the internal temperatures can be controlled.

Here are some important factors that should be considered when planning for the heating and cooling of your dome:

What climate do you live in?
What are the most extreme highs and lows you will experience at any given time of day or during each season?
Will your dome have any additional insulation?
What is the geographic placement of your dome in terms of sunshine?
How much direct sun exposure will you have throughout day/year?
What is the max number of people that will be inside the dome at one time?
What type of electricity will your dome have?
Will you require a generator?

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