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What types of dome frames are available?

DomeGuys International offers 2 styles of dome frames which come with a professionally powder-coated finish direct from our factory. We offer our Standard Frame and our Heavy-Duty Frame.

Continuing our commitment to the highest level of quality and safety, DomeGuys International retains the services of a structural engineer to ensure the integrity of each new or modified dome design before we send it to the manufacturing floor. If your location is in a high-wind or hurricane zone, increased seismic activity or snowy region, we can assist you in determining if a standard frame will meet your needs or if a heavy duty frame upgrade is required.

DGI Frames are made with powder-coated structural, industry-rated steel, engineered to withstand the following 3 load combinations:

(For “site-specific” engineering requirements you may be required to have your own engineering report created for your specific location, which is provided at an additional cost)

Standard Frame

dome frames

Wind Speed – 100 miles per hour

Snow Load – 20 pounds per square foot

Hanging Weight – 2,500 @ 500 pounds from each of the 5 top hubs

dome frames

Heavy Duty Frame

Wind Speed – 160 miles per hour

Snow Load – 40 pounds per square foot

Hanging Weight – 5,000 @ 1,000 pounds from each of the 5 top hubs
The relationship of the 3 loads above (wind, snow, and hanging weight) is like a mobile. If one of the 3 loads is adjusted the other two are affected. For example, if there is zero hanging weight in the dome then the snow and wind loads will be increased.

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